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One year older

My birthday passed recently and I started thinking about whether I accomplished the things I want to in the past two years. On some fronts, I feel that I have accomplished the things that I wanted to do including cooking, traveling, working remotely, and getting some managerial experience (shout out to my awesome co-workers at Blueboard). The one thing that's been eating at me is that lack of projects built in the past two years.

I created Spawner and Prophet when I was working full time for myself but it definitely wasn't at the pace I wanted to be be testing product ideas. Spawner itself was hard because it was a deeply technical product whose competitive edge was aiming at optimizing an engineering ops process at scale. Hardly a product that allowed for testing simple MVPs. Prophet was more successful and was written in a week but unfortunately was never something I intended on productizing. Something that really highlighted my lack of progress was an entry in my diary from March of 2014, where I stated that I want to create everyday and listed out several side project ideas. Every single idea I wrote in that entry is an idea that I am still intending to work on.

It really motivated me to read that diary entry and think about how I've put aside several things I truly care about (several of these ideas have stuck with me since college). I hope to write more about my process making things this year and write about my approach to iterating while working a full time job.


Time to get my hands dirty.

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