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Last 3 years in review

New Year 2019

Almost three years have passed since I last wrote on this blog. I wanted to reflect on what's happened since then.

2016: The year I finally learned I can't do everything at once. I tried to run three sizable side projects at the same time. A clothing store, a travel goods ecommerce shop, and a SaaS app. I lost money overall and finally had it grilled into me that to do one thing well, I need to choose one. I feel that at times in 2016, I didn't give my friends the attention they deserve and commited to trying to do better by at least my best friends. I learned a lot though about business and some of the harsher realties of personal finance.

2017: I started appreciating my brothers more in 2017 even though I felt they are sometimes really boring. 2017 was a year where I feel like I learned a lot about what life is like with another person and thinking. A lot of ups and downs, mostly because I didn't know how to live a life that wasn't just my own. Looking back, I made a lot of silly mistakes, but I suppose that's how you learn. Even so, some of my happiest memories are of this time as I was lucky enough that one person gave me two years of her life.

2018: Tested my comfort zone of always living solo. I lived in Thailand for three months, I no longer lived alone for six. I moved more into management as the engineering team crossed past ten. I refocused myself on personal finances and the future. Perhaps a bit too much, I feel like I lost the passion for life I had in 2015. Gone was the person who drew on Wacom Tablets, took photos with a DSLR, created new live software in weeks, hopped on planes when a flight deal showed up.

All in all, there were a lot of ups and downs. I definitely don't feel like I grew as much as I did from 2012-2015, but I think at some point I needed to experience setbacks to learn the life lessons I hadn't yet. Now that I have - onwards and upwards.

This year, I will finish what I started.

Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone. - Billy Cox

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